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I’m a veterinarian who has helped thousands of clients take better care of their animals.

I help my clients go beyond mainstream medical care for their pets by offering a wide spectrum of unique specialty services including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Food therapy consultations
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Chinese and Western medicine

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Dr. Meghan Barrett’s practice Muse Holistic Veterinary Care offers a unique approach to animal wellness through integrative medicine, including acupuncture, rehabilitation, bodywork, sound therapy, and real food. Bookings can be made at our serene Honolulu office, designed like a spa with greenery, aromatherapy, soft lighting and calming music, or choose a convenient house call or telehealth appointment.



We are SO grateful to have Dr. Barrett caring for our pets. It is clear that she has a true passion for animals and always treats them with such love and compassion. Thank you for all you do for us!

Elizabeth D.

Dr. Barrett is a true intellectual. She approaches veterinary medicine with a level of professionalism and thoroughness that gives me the utmost confidence in her ability to provide the best care for my beloved pets. She is patient, gentle, communicative, and honest. Her values come across in the way she practices medicine and her attention to detail gives great comfort during challenging times. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my pets and I see this same sentiment in the way Dr. Barrett has tailored her specialties to go above and beyond to give pets the happiest, healthiest, and best lives we possible can. I am truly thankful to have found a likeminded vet like Dr. Barrett!

Dina K.

First of all thank you very much for all the compassion and trust and kindness. We have a german shepherd at 18 years old its very unusual, Dr. Meghan Barrett is probably the best doctor I have ever seen in my life. She is not just knowledgeable and a great doctor but has many specialties on animals. She treated our dog with physical therapies and acupunctures, UTI, and many other things, still we only trust her to take our family member Sunny also he is still alive. We cant be more thankful to find such an incredible doctor in the island! I highly recommend Dr. Barrett is the star of the island! So much thank you!

Aiden Y.

I am so happy I found a vet like Dr. Meghan Barrett. I know that my dog and cats are in the best possible hands. It is clear that Dr. Barrett truly cares for my animals wellbeing and goes out of her way to make sure they have the best possible outcome and care even if that care even when that care needs to be outsourced to a specialist. When my cat got hit by a car and required a specialized surgery she directed me to the best surgeon on the island for what was needed. She kept in communication with him throughout the process to let me know how things were going in a way that I could understand. She also soothed my fears and tears and made me confident that my cat could make it through which she did. She is happy and healthy today because of Dr. Barrett.

Lynn R.

We found Dr. Barrett after our shih tzu, Gizmo was diagnosed with IVDD. He had muscle spasms and had trouble walking and in pain. We decided to treat our Gizzy boy non-surgically with acupuncture, chiropractic and laser therapy. She offers home-visits which is a game changer and offers a better experience for animals in their comfort place.

Tiffany L.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Honolulu Pet Clinic for my fur baby, Bibi, and I must say that the experience was 5 stars. Dr. Barrett and the entire team provided a level of care that was truly outstanding.

From the moment we walked through the door, we were greeted warmly and made to feel like part of the family. The clinic itself was impeccably clean and well-maintained, creating a comfortable atmosphere for both pets and pet parents.

Evon B.

Dr. Meghan Barret is a miracle worker and an Angel that walks among us here on Earth.
Our 8 year old baby girl Kahlua a long haired black and tan Dachshund lost the use of her hind legs and also ALL deep pain sensation on May 7th 2023.

Kathleen S.

Dr. Megan and her staff are beyond awesome. She did acupuncture on my very sick cat several months ago. She was gentle, compassionate, thorough, and tremendously caring. She took the time to let me know what was going on with his health and responded to the many difficult questions that I had. Thank you Dr. Megan for your kindness, you are a true gift to your profession!

Gail L.

We love Dr. Barrett! She has such a calm, approachable demeanor that always makes my older dog, Lola, feel comfortable. Lola gets nervous when visiting the vet, but eases immediately when seeing Dr. Barrett. We visited her for some mysterious and chronic UTI symptoms, and I was very impressed with Dr. Barrett’s breadth of knowledge of possible causes of symptoms and diagnoses. She gives exceptional care, is very kind and compassionate, and I fully trust Dr. Barrett with my older dog’s care as Lola ages into her golden years. Mahalo for all your love and care for our animals, Dr. Barrett!

Emily C.

Hands down the best vet on Oahu in every way! Dr. Meghan’s care and expertise is un-matched. I wouldn’t entrust our fur babies to anyone else. Thank you Dr. Meghan!

Mark S.

Dr. Barrett is an ideal vet. She is incredibly compassionate and explains every option clearly so you can make informed decision. She is always available to answer questions and soothe dog mom anxieties. I trust Dr. Barrett 100% to take the best possible care of my dogs and I can’t imagine our lives without her!

Alexa S.


  • Has your animal been struggling with their health or digestion?
  • Do you wonder if they are in pain but not sure how to help them?
  • Do you wonder if their current diet is ideal for them?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I get it because I’ve been there! I remember many of my childhood pets having illnesses, and realizing that their diets were often part of the problem and making them worse.

As an Integrative Veterinarian, I always strive to offer my clients options beyond the standard conventional treatments.

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